Promoting your Web Site

There are millions of web sites on the Internet. How can you make your web site stand above the rest?

Put simply, you need to promote it. You need to tell others about your new web site so they can visit it and spread the word to others.

There are different ways to promote your website. You can pay for advertising space and better search engine listings, or you can work hard and be patient.

Paying to Promote

Numerous search engines such as Yahoo and MSN offer paid listings - that is, if you are willing to pay, search engines will list your site higher than unpaid listings. So if I was to type in a keyword related to your web site, I would see your site listed above the rest.You will normally get good results with paid listings.

A slightly cheaper option may be to purchase advertising space. There are many companies around which allow you to pay to place a banner advertising your site on hundreds of different web sites. This can lead to good traffic flowing into your web site. However, again, it is not generally cheap.

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Free Promotion

There are quite a few ways to get traffic. Here's a summary:

  • submit your site to search engines
  • optimise your site for indexing by search engines (visit SEOChat to see how to)
  • participate in link exchanges
  • post in forums with your site advertised in your signature
  • spread your site by word-of-mouth
  • get a media interview
  • advertise your site in your personal blog
  • create a syndicated feed (RSS, Atom)

However, with most of these methods, you will need to be patient. It may take 2-3 months to see results. Gradually over time, you should see hundreds, possibly thousands, of visitors flooding to your web site every day- provided that you keep it up-to-date with new content or provide unique content.


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